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Computers By Ken, LLC was founded by Ken Goding in July of 2004. We believe that by serving people first we can build good relationships and keep customers coming back.


Ken Goding,

Ken is approaching 20 years in the repair industry while also branching out into food service.  He got his first job officially in the computer world at age 18 and started CBK just before turning 20. 

Ken enjoys softball, weightlifting, reading, and gaming in his spare time.

A Christian since the age of 6, Ken tries to show the love of God through his business, putting customers first over money.

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Christina Goding, Owner

In 2006, Christina and Ken met and fell in love with each other. On a blistering hot day in September of 2007, they got married. Growing up, Christina did not have very much access to technology, but during her teen years, she started to have more access to a computer and her love of technology was born.

She also enjoys photography, music, and helping others out.

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